Selling and renting homes is our business and we love it. We also however understand that it can be a very stressful time for those in the middle of the process (especially the vendors and landlords) so we have always tried to tailor our services to reduce the angst at every available opportunity. 
Even though the level of demand outstrips the level of supply for property, selling a home can be difficult. At Strawberry Sales and Lettings, we understand the difficulties faced by vendors, but we are on your side and ready to help 
Even a village can hold many secrets and surprises, and this is the case with Barrow upon Soar. At Strawberry Sales and Lettings, we appreciate that there are many interesting titbits and facts about the local area, which is why we are pleased to present you with 7 secrets of Barrow upon Soar. 
A landlord has many issues to deal with, and a lot of the challenging factors relate to the administrative side of the business as opposed to dealing with tenants 
It is important to be aware of present day prices in the property market but aside from giving prospective buyers a guideline on how much property will cost, these prices by themselves don’t offer too much insight. 
Over the last few weeks we’ve been taking a look at the English Housing Survey. This is a report published every year by the government which looks at the number of people buying & renting and also tries to establish things like the general condition of housing stock and energy efficiency figures across the country. 
Since it became legislation in 2014, we have been making sure that our Landlords know about their responsibilities relating to prevention of Legionnaires Disease. 
Whilst many have the required assessment and monitoring checks in hand, others still have doubts that the extra tasks are necessary and in doing this are leaving themselves open to possible prosecution or worse. 
The times in which we currently live are not the most fruitful for those looking for a good return on savings and the general opinion is that property is no longer the good option it used to be. At Strawberry we accept that the profits to be made are not quite at the level they were 10 or so years ago but we disagree with the fact that bricks and mortar don’t offer a good option for those with savings or those looking for pension pot alternatives. 
Last month I revisited the facts regarding buy to let and how it still offers a great return on investment, despite the recent changes to tax and profit calculations. To avoid the risk of having a blog which scrolled down the whole length of the page I didn’t add the details of how Strawberry take it a step further and look to achieve the best possible return for our Landlords right from the very beginning, even when finding the property itself. 
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