As you are no doubt aware, there have been pretty stringent regulations surrounding the safety of gas appliances in rental properties in place since 1998. What’s perhaps not so commonly known is the fact that an amendment was issued earlier this year - coming into effect from April 2018 - which introduces the possibility of a new MOT-style system of checks.. 
In life, what some people see as a problem or a crisis will seem like an opportunity to other people. This is also the case with the property market. While there is a prominent level of demand for property in the UK property market, the fact that there is a fall in the supply of homes to the market is cause for concern. This is nothing new, in fact, a lack of suitable and affordable property is a reason why prices rose for so long in the property market. 
There are many problems and challenges associated with selling your home. It is important that you know what these challenges are. It is likely that you will have heard of gazumping, which is an issue that has affected many people looking to buy property, but have you heard of gazundering? If you haven’t, we are here to help you increase your awareness of this matter and hopefully help you avoid this situation. 
If you are a landlord in the United Kingdom, you know that there are always new regulations to contend with. A lot of landlords have struggled to stay in touch with the new challenges and rules, and we believe that staying in touch with a professional who offers up to date advice and guidance makes sense. 
With respect to the UK property market, many people assume that people only rent because they cannot afford to buy property. While the natural order of life in the UK has been for people to move their way on to the property ladder eventually, this isn’t the goal or a main aim in life for everyone. 
We might have mentioned a little while ago about how we were working with Barwood Homes, selling the existing home of those people wishing to buy a brand new one direct from the builders. 
We see this as a fabulous opportunity and we are not in the slightest bit concerned about the fact that we are always competing against another agent (as Barwood have traditionally dealt with 2 agents on each property). Bring on the competition we say!! 
Everyone most probably already understands the need to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for any property which is to be marketed for sale or rent. Less well known however is the implications of that property failing to ‘pass’ the EPC requirements and what this means for Landlords in particular who are trying to let. 
We understand fully that you’ve probably heard enough about GDPR by now; trust us, we know how you feel as we ourselves have read just about everything that has been printed about the subject! 
On a serious note though, for Landlords it is of utmost importance that they understand what the new regulations mean as, in dealing with tenants, they have some very important legal duties regarding the handling of information. 
Selling and renting homes is our business and we love it. We also however understand that it can be a very stressful time for those in the middle of the process (especially the vendors and landlords) so we have always tried to tailor our services to reduce the angst at every available opportunity. 
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