Even though the level of demand outstrips the level of supply for property, selling a home can be difficult. At Strawberry Sales and Lettings, we understand the difficulties faced by vendors, but we are on your side and ready to help 
If you are keen to sell your home in the most effective manner, here are 10 awesome selling tips for vendors. 
1. Make sure the outside of your property is as appealing as possible 
2. Enlist the services of a skilled and experienced local estate agent 
3. Use high-quality images to promote the property 
4. Create video content of the property including a walkthrough 
5. Promote with a buyer in mind 
6. Ensure the property is properly priced 
7. Make viewings a positive experience 
8. If you have interested buyers, review the buyers and choose the one best for your needs 
9. Have other plans in case things go wrong 
10. Work with experienced conveyancers and solicitors 
First impressions count when selling a home 
An important thing to remember when selling a home is that first impressions count for a lot. The outside of the property and the immediate interior have an enormous impact on what a prospective buyer thinks of the property, so you must make sure that these areas are as appealing as possible 
Promote the property effectively 
When it comes to selling your property effectively, you need to promote it in the right manner. The best starting point is knowing who the likely buyer is, because you will be able to tailor your promotional activities to the needs or expectations of the buyer. By calling on Strawberry Sales and Lettings, you can be confident that you will receive support and guidance from an experienced estate agent that knows who the likely buyers are. 
Once you are tailoring your promotional activities to the needs of the buyer, make sure you offer high quality videos and images. In the digital era, this is the style of content that grabs attention and ensures people want to see more of what you have to offer. 
Make sure the price is right 
There is a growing distrust of asking prices in the property market and for 2017, NAEA Propertymark revealed that 77% of homes sold for less than the initial asking price. Selling a property at a low price can lead to a fast sale but you can lose out on money. Selling the property for an inflated price may help you to make a good return but more likely, buyers will be hesitant, and the vendor will eventually become nervous. Lowering the initial asking price can then lead to doubts and pressing questions from prospective buyers. 
Overall, you want to create a positive buying experience for buyers. You should offer as much information as you can, and you should ensure the buying process is friendly and welcoming. If you can choose between buyers, choose the option that is best for your needs. An example of this would be choosing between two buyers, one who is part of a chain and one who isn’t. If all other things are equal, the buyer who isn’t part of the chain is more attractive. 
Following these tips will be a challenge for some vendors but the more you follow, the more likely it will be that you can sell your home in an effective manner. You will also find that choosing the best estate agent makes the process much simpler, and this is where we are here to assist you. If you are looking to sell your home, Strawberry Sales and Letting are here to help you as best as we can. 
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