So 2018 heralds the 10 Year Anniversary of Strawberry Lettings and Sales. Quite a milestone in an industry which tends to favour ‘the big boys’ and trample over the smaller independents who want to show clients what a personalised service can look like. 
We’ve been thinking a lot about what we’ve achieved in this decade and some of the things of which we are most proud relate to what we’ve done to genuinely try to make a difference in what can be a very cut-throat market place. Forgive us for being a little self- indulgent but it is our Birthday after all! In no particular order we have limited our list to 10 but we could have gone on for ages………. 
1. We never forget the importance of the tenant/ landlord relationship and therefore ensure that we are always fair to both parties 
2. We refuse to accept that we should falsely ‘hike up’ sales prices to win business and instead give realistic and accurate valuations which won’t have to be drastically reduced to achieve a sale 
3. We make sure that our clients are informed at every stage of the sales/ letting process rather than simply let them guess how things are going 
4. We don’t shun away from giving negative feedback to our vendors as we know that it is the first step in getting to a better ‘ready to sell’ position 
5. We help our vendors and landlords make the most of their property and achieve the highest potential price by advising on important remedial works which will increase value 
6. We provide contact details for trusted contractors to help our clients achieve their goals with the minimal amount of stress and with the least risk 
7. We keep on top of every update to legislation and any imminent policy changes to make sure our clients are informed of anything which is relevant to their situation 
8. We ensure that we all remain very active members within the community which we serve, keeping an all-important finger on the local pulse 
9. We know each of our clients particular circumstances and keep up the hard work until we help them achieve the sale/ let/move that they want 
10. We are in this business for the long haul and we therefore value our great reputation for high standards of service more than simple ‘numbers’ on our balance sheet 
Taking the time to have a think about what we do day after day has made me feel both incredibly proud and incredibly lucky to be doing something I love so much. Strawberry is genuinely the company I wanted it to be and I’m so looking forward to the next 10 years. Happy Christmas to all of our existing and future clients who help us be exactly who we want to be, here’s to 2018 and beyond……… 
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