Even a village can hold many secrets and surprises, and this is the case with Barrow upon Soar. At Strawberry Sales and Lettings, we appreciate that there are many interesting titbits and facts about the local area, which is why we are pleased to present you with 7 secrets of Barrow upon Soar. 
Plaster of the highest calibre 
Barrow upon Soar plays host to the British Gypsum plaster production plant and has done since 1992. You may not think that it is that impressive to look but the plant is one of the biggest and most technologically advanced plants of this nature that you can hope to find in the world. 
In 2002, there was a major expansion of the plant, increasing the capacity of the plant by around 30%. 
Skills and skeleton soccer 
You will often find that local sporting teams are the pride of the community, reflecting the story of the local people or of the area itself. This is often seen in the club badge or crest, which quite often depicts the city or county colours or perhaps even references a famous moment or story from the past. 
In Barrow upon Soar, the local football team has a badge which features a skeleton. This isn’t the sort of badge you expect to find and no doubt plenty of quirky football fans will appreciate the fact that the team is doing something a bit different. 
Do some digging about local history 
Of course, the skeleton on the club badge isn’t just any skeleton, it is the skeleton of a dinosaur that was excavated back in 1851. The species of dinosaur is the Rhomaleosaurus megacephalus but you can see why many people have decided to refer to the remains as the Barrow Kipper. The dinosaur remains were found in lime pit outside of the village and the skeleton can be viewed by visiting the New Walk Museum in Leicester. 
Dine and drink in the history 
Enjoying life in Barrow upon Soar can be thirsty work but there is a pub with a huge sense of history and tradition in the present-day area. The Blacksmiths Arms can be traced back to 1753 but the venue is up to date and serving up a wide range of food and drink. 
Flying Ace hailed from Barrow upon Soar 
To be classed as a flying ace, you need to have shot down at least five enemy aircraft in combat, and this is something that James Edgar Johnson, who was born in Barrow upon Soar can claim. Johnson received a wide array of awards for his activities in the RAF. 
A railway station that had the ability to bounce back 
The Barrow-upon-Soar railway station first opened in 1840, was closed in 1968 and then was re-opened in 1994. For the 2016/17 year, close to 90,000 passengers used the station. 
Framework knitting for all the family 
One of the most popular industries in the local community was framework knitting. The huge demand for hosiery saw many households in the local area set up with a frame that could engage all of the family in production work. 
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