You may have heard on the news this weekend that the government is looking at house buying in some detail, with the aim of making the whole process shorter and perhaps also fairer. 
There’s not too much detail available as yet but we at Strawberry will be watching with interest and have our fingers crossed that any emerging recommendations might eliminate the kind of frustrations we ourselves have been facing over the years. 
One thing which has been mentioned is the banning of gazumping – something which can be both heart-breaking and costly for buyers. Not something which we ourselves condone but which, at the bequest of our vendors, we sometimes have to do – or at least making the buyers aware of a higher bid when we know that it is genuine and not simply a tactic to increase the sales price. 
The second point to be raised is that the conveyancing process could be sped up if some of the official documentation could be made more readily available on line. This is something which we would obviously welcome as we know how much stress can be caused by the painfully slow process of collating reports, searches etc. 
At Strawberry we have always believed in making property buying and selling as stress-free as possible. As far as we are concerned we would like to see much better use of technology to make official documentation more accessible and remove the ability for those conveyancers with little regard for speed to make the excuses which have been the bane of many a buyers life. What we do not wish to see however is confusion between the harnessing of line technology and the promotion of on-line agencies. As we’ve reported before, there is not always a clear financial advantage to selling solely on-line and some of the most important aspects of securing a genuine, straight-forward sale at a good sales price can only be achieved when dealing with a real life agent who knows the local market and cares about the individual client.  
We trust that the final government recommendations will be clear – perhaps that’s just wishful thinking!!. 
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