I think it’s generally agreed that we all go through some degree of hibernation during the winter months; doing less outdoors and tending to keep to the warm comfy cosiness of home. As Spring comes into view we jolt back into life and start to make plans about what we are going to do and where we are going to go. It’s no coincidence that Spring sees a spike in property activity – people want to move, but to make this happen there needs to be a healthy balance of buyers and sellers. 
At Strawberry we’re already seeing a steady stream of new faces coming into our office looking to see what we have in the way of potential new homes to show them. As one of the areas hardest working Estate Agents in the local area (a fact that’s constantly being backed up by independent assessments such as those of Rightmove) we obviously win more than our fair share of new instructions. Being so great at what we do however, we are also selling lots of those lovely properties entrusted to us and it is for that reason that we are once again appealing for more! 
If you are popping your head out from your winter hibernation and deciding that you want to be living somewhere new by the time the summer sunshine finally comes, then please come and talk to us. We’re not going to lie to you; it’s a very competitive market place out there and there will be loads of agents vying for your business. But aside from our great skills at matching sellers with buyers we are also pretty hot at helping you realise the full potential of your home and will advise on what steps you can take to maximise its market value – even before we (or any other agent you want to test out) pop round to give you your valuation. 
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