Business owners (and in this particular case we’re thinking landlords) can now consider a new type of pension arrangement which allows the use of that pension to support the business. What’s so good about that I hear you say? Well, it introduces the concept that your hard- earned, previously ‘untouchable’ pension fund could be a very viable alternative to going to the bank to ask for loans (all too often difficult to obtain and possibly also attracting a relatively high cost). 
How does this work? When an SSAS Pension has been set up a Director can authorise the transfer of historic contributions from the company pension to the company bank account and vice versa. Any old pensions from former employers can also be transferred to a new SSAS which means that they too can be utilised within the business to make a difference when it’s truly needed. In addition the company contributions via the SSAS pension benefit from tax relief and are in excess of existing personal limits – very much good news all round! 
Now, despite the very positive feeling we’re having about this facility to utilise pensions for the greater business good, this arrangement may not be for everyone. We urge those landlords who think they’d like to explore the possibilities to meet with a broker or independent adviser who understands the marketplace and the flexibility offered by individual providers. At Strawberry we can, of course, point you in the right direction but our real talents lie in finding our landlords the perfect rental property and then managing it to realise the best rental income with the minimum amount of stress….. 
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