Here at Strawberry we are always ready to rise to the defence of tenants when they get bad press, especially in the media under attention-grabbing headlines describing ‘Nightmare Tenants’ and the like. 
We have always strived to find ideal tenants for our landlords, not only to ensure that the property is well looked after, but also to keep the letting process running as smoothly as possible, looking at longer-term tenancies where possible and keeping ‘churn’ to a bare minimum. 
We have a great deal of experience in vetting potential tenants and we pride ourselves in the fact that we have some amazing landlord-tenant relationships. Whilst other, less scrupulous agents might turn a blind eye to some less-than-ideal pieces of information which come to light in the application process, we look towards the longer term and eliminate any potentially costly issues for the landlord rather than go for the ‘quick let’. 
With all that said, it is important to realise that things can change at any point in time and any tenant’s circumstances can go from being ideal to being difficult for all sorts of reasons – marital break-up, redundancy and ill-health being just a handful of examples. 
Just recently we had a situation where a hitherto ideal tenant simply stopped paying their rent and went over 2 months in arrears. This tenant had been in the landlord’s property for more than 8 years and during this time paid on time every month and caused absolutely no issues at all. Now, in this particular case we don’t know exactly what went wrong as both the tenant and their guarantor avoided all contact and refused to discuss the situation but the change was unforeseen and the effect on the landlord substantial. 
As you would expect we have supported the landlord and assisted him to get his property back, but this brings to light the ABSOLUTE NEED for landlords to have appropriate insurance to cover for such an event. If a previously perfect tenant can cause issues after 8 years of faultless rent payment, then this kind of thing can happen to any property owner. We realise that landlords do sometimes view the purchase of an additional ‘insurance’ product as simply another drain on their already-dwindling profits however rental protection and eviction cover is a relatively low cost when compared to the massive sums of money which having a bad tenant (even a previously great tenant turned bad) can cost when things go wrong. 
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