At Strawberry we whole-heartedly believe that property still offers one of the best financial investments out there and a recent study carried out by Manchester-based estate agent ‘Yield It’ has added to our optimism by suggesting that the average age of buy-to-let investors has decreased by 10 years. 
Why, we hear you ask, does this age drop re-enforce the belief that buy-to-let is a good thing? Well, at a time where there is so much doom and gloom around financial stability and future security, it is interesting to see that younger generations are showing a high degree of faith in property as a good long-term plan. 
The average age of those investing via buy-to-let has dropped by a massive 10 years (from 52.3 to 42) in just 4 years – a large ‘swing’ during a period where financial circumstances have been very much at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. Even more significant though is the fact that the 50 plus group traditionally had the most to gain since they already had a foothold in the market; the ‘informed choice’ being made by those in their early 40’s shows that there is still a very compelling argument for bricks and mortar as an investment rather than it simply being an easy choice to make. 
It is believed that the increase in popularity of buy-to-let is also being helped by the higher demand for rental properties (and resulting increase in rental value) but whatever the main driver, there is certainly a great deal of confidence being shown by both existing and first-time investors. On the flip side this also means that the publicly-held image of a landlord is going to change – a fact which will be very much welcomed by those (like ourselves) who want to reassure tenants that ‘rogue landlords’ are most certainly not the norm. 
If you would like to explore the financial opportunities of buy-to-let come and have a chat to us at Strawberry Cottage. Our expertise in knowing the property type and location which to offer the very best yields will allow you to fully maximise any investment you make, regardless of whether you are 20 or 60. 
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