The number of rules that landlords must comply with can be bewildering at times and it is no surprise that many letting industry professionals require guidance and a helping hand. At Strawberry Lettings and Sales, we are on hand to provide support for all local landlords, but there is also the How To Rent In England guide 
This is a hugely informative document that provides information for landlords and tenants, and it is something that provides clarity in dealing with problems and issues. 
However, the guide itself provides a regulation that landlords must adhere to. This document must be provided to tenants when they move into rental property and a landlord that fails to do so may find themselves punished in the future. A landlord that fails to provide tenants with an up to date version of the How To Rent In England will invalidate future Section 21 Acts. ARLA Propertymark advise landlords that if they don’t provide the most recent version of the guide they will breach the Deregulation Act. 
Stay in touch with all regulations 
David Cox is the Chief Executive of ARLA spoke about the importance of staying up to date with the guide because of the impact it could have in the future. He said; “It only becomes a problem if they serve a S21 later down the line. I would advise they should serve the new version as soon as possible today.” 
An issue that some landlords will have is the fact that the guide was updated in June and then July. In the space of two weeks, a newly published edition of the guide was deemed out of date and any landlord who provided this guide was not complying with regulations in the expected manner. With updates occurring as and when as opposed to on a fixed basis, landlords may find themselves breaching regulations when they have no idea that they are doing anything untoward. 
Landlords have a lot of regulations to comply with 
This is not uncommon for landlords. Given the range of regulations a landlord must comply with and the rate of new regulations being introduced, it is a hugely challenging task for landlords to remain up to date. Therefore, it is advisable for landlords to seek guidance from professionals who do stay up to date and fully informed about this guide and all other regulations that impact on the rental industry. 
Even withstanding the amount of times, it may be updated, there are many reasons to stay up to date with the guide, including the fact it provides useful information, including: 
• Helping prospective tenants to be informed about what to look for before they rent 
• Ensuring tenants rent in a safe and satisfactory manner 
• Guidelines on what should happen at the end of a tenancy period 
• Advice on what happens when a dispute arises between landlords and tenants 
If you are a landlord, this guide is helpful for your business and an essential item you must provide to tenants. For the best level of support and assistance in caring for your tenants, call on Strawberry Lettings and Sales for help. 
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