We understand fully that you’ve probably heard enough about GDPR by now; trust us, we know how you feel as we ourselves have read just about everything that has been printed about the subject! 
On a serious note though, for Landlords it is of utmost importance that they understand what the new regulations mean as, in dealing with tenants, they have some very important legal duties regarding the handling of information. 
Over recent years Landlords have had it tough, with ever-increasing legislation and significant changes to the way their business can be run. There have been many new Health & Safety requirements (including Legionella risk assessments and monitoring), Inventories, Deposits, Checkouts, Rental Protection, Eviction Cover…… and now these latest requirements of the new GDPR legislation. Many may not realise, for example that they now need to be registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), an on-line registration with an associated cost, dependent on size and turnover (typically around £40). Being what is now termed as ‘data controllers’ they also need to issue data processing agreements to any support services, contractors etc. (referred to as ‘data processors’). 
It’s hardly surprising that the very thought of this can cause great anxiety for Landlords and that is why we at Strawberry have a range of management packages, removing the majority of the stress and saving valuable time and money. 
Even better, at the moment we are offering the great benefit of our packages to Landlords totally risk-free with a 6 months trial period at a much-reduced rate of only 5% and continuation of the service thereafter at only 8% rather than our standard cost of 10-12%. 
If you know a Landlord who could do with a bit of help or who would simply like to spend their time on more enjoyable aspects of their life then you know where to send them! 
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