We understand that sometimes more experienced Landlords want to handle the management of their properties by themselves and that is something we can accommodate via our ‘Introduction Only’ service. 
The main down side of this is that the tenant is placed in a relatively strong position when it comes to any damage they cause as there is very little proof to say that the property or furniture was not already in a state of disrepair. One person’s word against another; a very frustrating and potentially costly time where tempers flare and valuable time is consumed. 
Whilst it is very tempting to take a smug attitude and remind our Landlords that they could have avoided these issues by having Strawberry manage their property, we prefer to offer a solution which offers the best of both worlds – allowing the Landlord to self-manage but providing reassurance exactly when it’s needed. There are 3 parts to this lovely service so you could say it’s as easy as 1,2,3:- 
1. We provide a detailed inventory with photographic, dated evidence to prove the condition of the property and contents at the start of the tenancy (exactly as the Deposit Protection Service require) and what’s more we provide proof that the tenant received this when the tenancy began 
2. We handle the lodging of the deposit in exactly the manner it needs to be, adhering to all current regulations and avoiding the significant penalties which might otherwise be applied 
3. We carry out a thorough check-out process with the tenant present where we ensure that everything is at it should be (utilising the inventory details as our starting record) ; meaning any issues can be resolved and dealt with swiftly, minimising the ‘down time’ before the next let can commence 
The main aim of the above steps – aside from minimising the stress and risk for the Landlord – is to ensure that matters are carried out fairly and to the satisfaction of all parties. More importantly, if the end of tenancy is handled in a manner which is acceptable to the DPS, there is a much higher likelihood of them agreeing to any monies being extracted from the deposit should this be required. 
Strawberry have a near flawless success rate when it comes to dealing with deposits (helped in no small way by our regular attendance at DPS courses) and we’d like to share this success with all of our Landlords. Those with Strawberry management packages get this service totally free of charge but now our Intro Only clients can enjoy the same peace of mind for just £360 including VAT. 
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