If you are looking to maximise your income or generate more money, a good starting point is finding an industry where there is a prominent level of demand. There is no denying that there is a strong level of demand for rental accommodation in the UK these days. 
Therefore, acting as a landlord provides people with an opportunity to make money each month and if you are looking to become a Loughborough landlord, we are here to help. At Strawberry Lettings and Sales, we’re pleased to say we have assisted many local landlords, and we can help you if you wish to join the ranks. 
There is evidence to suggest that many people in the UK are looking to become landlords this year. A study was undertaken by Sainsbury’s Banking and the findings suggest 9% of United Kingdom adults are considering obtaining a buy to let mortgage this year. If 9% of the UK population decided to become landlords, there would be around 4.8 million new landlords in the country. It is to likely that this will happen, but there will be many people who decide to enter the rental market this year. 
There are opportunities for new landlords in Loughborough 
The reason that so many people are looking to become landlords is down to the fact that there are genuine reasons to do so. 35% of respondents who said they are looking to obtain a buy to let mortgage this year cited a change in their personal circumstances as a leading factor in their decision. There was also 29% of respondents who cited the demand for rental accommodation as the leading factor as their inspiration to enter the rental market. 
With rental fees rising and the demand for rental property looking set to continue, if not climb higher, it is a natural decision for many people to get involved with the rental market. There are many landlords who are currently in the rental market looking to exit the market. Landlords who are in the market have faced many challenges in recent years including tax changes, regulatory issues and rising fees and costs. However, these changes have impacted on professionals who have had a structure to their business for many years. New entrants to the market will find that they can set up their business which takes these current issues into consideration, allowing them to deal with these challenges in the most appropriate manner. 
Tenants are looking for rental accommodation in Loughborough 
The fact that many rental professionals are looking to exit the market further enhances the opportunity for new entrants to the lettings market. Tenants aren’t going anywhere so if landlords exit the market, it makes sense that new landlords will find that there will be many prospective clients and tenants to focus on and reach out to. 
If this sounds like an opportunity that you want to take advantage of, come and speak with Strawberry Lettings and Sales. We’re pleased to say we have helped many landlords in Loughborough and no matter what assistance you need, we are on hand to help you achieve success. 
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