We don’t want to alarm you or annoy you by talking about Christmas at this early stage of the year, but sometimes you need to prepare for the future. If you have a lot of people to buy presents and gifts for, you cannot wait until the last minute to buy these items. 
If you must arrange events or parties, you need to get ready weeks or months in advance. If you work in retail, you know that planning for the festive season starts months in advance of the big event. However, we are focused on the property market and if you are a Loughborough homeowner looking to sell your home by Christmas, we can help you, but you need to act now. 
The reason that you need to act now, long before Christmas occurs, is that it can take a lot of time to sell a home. The average length of time to sell property in the UK, taking the time from an offer being accepted to the moving date, is 13 weeks. This can seem like a long time but at the beginning of September, there is just over 16 weeks to Christmas Day. Given that many problems can arise with the property market and the sales process, you want to give yourself some additional time just in case. Therefore, you want to act now or very soon to give yourself the best chance of selling your home by Christmas. 
Given the importance of the festive period and having the chance to spend time with loved ones, it is perfectly acceptable that people are determined to be settled for the special occasion. 
Many people are keen to sell their home by Christmas 
If you are worried that you are the only person worrying about moving by Christmas, don’t be, there are many people who want to sell their home before the festive period. In fact, some industry specialists have highlighted the slight fall in average asking prices of property in the UK and have linked this to the impending festive deadline. Homeowners looking to sell their property before Christmas want to improve their chances of making a sale, and a way to improve these chances is to lower the asking price of property. 
Average asking prices for property outstrip average sales price 
Given that there has been a notable gap between the asking price and sales price of property in the UK, any movement that brings the two elements together should be viewed as a positive factor. This deadline isn’t going to be enough to draw the asking price average to within touching distance of the average sales price, but it does show how serious selling a home before Christmas is for some people. 
So, if selling your home in a timely manner is important, speak with a local estate agent with considerable experience in the market. At Strawberry Lettings and Sales, we’re pleased to say we have helped many Loughborough vendors and we look forward to helping you too if you are keen to sell your home before the festive period begins. 
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