At Strawberry Lettings, we know landlords find it difficult to stay on top of all the regulations associated with the industry. We are pleased to say we have helped many Loughborough landlords remain in touch with regulations, ensuring they provide the best standard of service to their tenants. 
It is best to be proactive when it comes to caring for their property and business, and we are always here to assist if you need help or guidance. 
It is likely that landlords will have to carry out electrical safety checks every five years at their property. This is likely to be something that many landlords carry out regularly, but this will be the first formalisation of the task. Gas safety checks have been more prominent with respect to landlords’ regulations, so this move isn’t a surprise and like many recent measures, it is something aimed at rogue landlords as opposed to landlords who provide a reliable and safe service. 
Landlords have a lot of regulations to adhere to 
Of course, it is another regulation that landlords must adhere to. Every new measure increases the workload of a landlord and it is no surprise that many professionals in the rental sector feel under considerable pressure. While testing electrical appliances every five years shouldn’t cause too much additional work for a landlord, if you forget or overlook the issue, there could be punishments in store, so it does create an additional pressure in a profession where many people have left citing the workload and regulations they must adhere to as a negative aspect of the business. 
Yet, there is no date for these new guidelines to be introduced but there has been strong political backing for this change. One support group claims that over 70% of MPs have backed the calls for electrical safety guidelines and with backing from all parties, it has been one of the least contentious issues that British politicians have had to deal with in recent times. 
Political backing is in place for these measures 
James Brokenshire is the Housing Secretary and he announced the new regulations, saying; “There is nothing more important than ensuring people are safe in their own homes. That is why I am announcing a package of measures focused on improving building safety, having listened carefully to the concerns which have been raised.” It was also announced that there will be a consultation into building safety regulations, which could further impact on landlords and their ability to run a business. 
If you are a landlord in Loughborough looking for assistance in staying up to date with regulations, it makes sense to turn to the local experts. At Strawberry Lettings and Sales, we are pleased to say that we have helped many landlords care for their property and provide their tenants with the best standard of service. Any local landlord that has concerns about new or existing regulations should contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 
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