If you are a landlord in the United Kingdom, you know that there are always new regulations to contend with. A lot of landlords have struggled to stay in touch with the new challenges and rules, and we believe that staying in touch with a professional who offers up to date advice and guidance makes sense. 
If you are a Loughborough landlord, staying in touch with Strawberry Letting and Sales will ensure you receive the information you need to know. As an example, there are new HMO standards being implemented and if you operate in this sector, you need to make changes. 
The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has issued a publication detailing the changes which will come into effect from the 1st of October of 2018. 
The changes will see a landlord who lets property to at least five people, who come from at least two separate households, need a licence from their local housing authority. Initial estimates suggest that there are 160,000 houses in multiple occupation which will be impacted by this, and it could re-shape the HMO market. 
Landlords may face new challenge from local councils 
There will also be new powers for local councils to act against landlords who let overcrowded properties or who let property that is in a sub-standard condition. There will also be a renewed focus on the minimum size requirements for bedrooms in HMO property. While there have been humorous posts, often shared on social media, about what some landlords or people try to pass off as a bedroom when letting property, there is no denying that some tenants have suffered due to a lack of suitable space in a bedroom. 
Given the costs of being a landlord, it is no surprise that many professionals are looking to maximise their rental income. The thought of adding a smaller bedroom to a property, perhaps through separating one room into two smaller rooms will appeal to landlords. However, this doesn’t always provide the tenant with the best standard of service, and it is good to see that focus is being placed on this issue. 
Landlords can make the rental experience better for tenants and other residents 
There will also be a requirement for all landlords to comply with any council refuse schemes that are in place. This is being introduced in an attempt to reduce issues with refuse and rubbish. There is a lot to be said for requiring landlords to offer tenants a better living experience and to ensure that local communities can enjoy local life. Some of the issues that landlords are dealing with these days may not seem like the biggest problem in life, but they can impact on how tenants feel. 
Of course, there will be landlords who are concerned about the cost or financial implications of these changes. Landlords have faced many issues in recent times, and if you feel as though you need support in operating your business, you are not alone. At Strawberry Letting and Sales, we are rental market specialists and we are on hand to assist you with any help you need. 
If you need assistance with this matter or any other rental matter, contact us and we’ll be happy to help
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