Yet another online estate agency has had their advertising banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming that there were much more substantial savings to be made by using them (over traditional agents) than was entirely true. 
Their claim to be ‘much cheaper’ was based on an average traditional agent’s fee of between 1.5 and 4% (yes reader I did just say 4%, and no, I do not know which planet that would be on either!). 
Some of our regular blog readers may at this point be thinking that I have duplicated a previous post in error but sadly that is simply because the exact same thing seems to have been happening an awful lot in the online agents’ world. You can take from it what you wish but I’d have to point out that having to use misleading figures to indicate a potential savings suggests an air of desperation…… 
At Strawberry we’re not against giving vendors a choice; we are in favour of presenting a real choice of options based on actual facts. People’s knowledge and regular use of the internet means that they may feel more comfortable managing some of the aspects of the sales process by themselves. We recognise this and can therefore let clients choose exactly what they’d like us to handle upon their behalf but whether it’s minimal support or the provision of a fully ‘hands off’ sale we are clear and truthful from the beginning and never lose sight of the fact that our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. 
For true (and truthful) value you know where to come…… 
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