Last month I revisited the facts regarding buy to let and how it still offers a great return on investment, despite the recent changes to tax and profit calculations. To avoid the risk of having a blog which scrolled down the whole length of the page I didn’t add the details of how Strawberry take it a step further and look to achieve the best possible return for our Landlords right from the very beginning, even when finding the property itself. 
The roots of Strawberry are very much entrenched in the worlds of buy to let and relocation and our main strength has always been our knowledge of specific areas, not only in terms of what amenities lie within them but also where properties are selling well and letting easily for high rents. In short we get ‘ahead of the pack’, find the places which are ‘on the up’ and find the properties within them which will attract tenants easily and achieve good rental values. 
When a new or existing Landlord comes to us with a budget in mind we will apply our many years of experience to come up with some options where yields can be maximised and tenants are in abundance. What’s more, provided a Strawberry management package is put in place for the first 12 months (and with the many benefits to be had why wouldn’t it be??) then this service is entirely free of charge. 
Starting with the right property, and with great management in place, our Landlords can still see the kind of returns that make good financial sense and can minimise their day-to-day stress at the same time. 
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