We regularly hear stories of landlords being fined for neglecting their properties and sadly also frequently see cases where tenants leave homes in an ‘uninhabitable state’, unable to be re-let without significant refurbishment. 
Such cases may be relatively rare but the common theme is that things can easily get overlooked over a period of time. We are most definitely not just talking about a few missed maintenance jobs here and there and it highlights two key points – firstly that landlords can sometimes get into a position where the management of their property becomes just too much to handle and, secondly, that even thoroughly referenced tenants can ‘let things go’ and cause significant property damage when not checked upon regularly. 
Recent changes to stamp duty and tax means that there is more pressure than ever to keep a tight rein on costs and make savings wherever possible. Spending a little on preventative measures, and thus avoiding fines and unscheduled refurbishment costs is, however, one way in which wiser landlords protect their profits. 
Time is also often a luxury for those with a growing property portfolio. Regardless of whether you own 1 or 50 properties the management of them is seldom the only demand on the hours you have available and often your time could be more productively (and profitably) spent elsewhere. 
Understanding the intricate balancing act which is modern day property letting, Strawberry offer a range of management services to suit every level of need, from rental collection only to the ultimate ‘peace of mind package’. Protecting time, investment (and probably also sanity for busy landlords), a management contract with Strawberry - costing only an average of around £50 per month - makes great financial sense. 
If you would like to speak to us about our great landlord packages you know where to find us…. 
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