For vendors, landlords, buyers and tenants. Already part of the Strawberry service of course! 
Tonight sees the launch of a new TV advertisement from ARLA and NAEA to illustrate the benefits of using a ‘Property Mark’ registered agent. 
The main point is, in a time when we are bombarded with stories of nightmare tenants and rogue landlords, unscrupulous buyers and less-than-truthful vendors, it makes good sense to have a professional and reputable agent working upon your behalf. 
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The Property Mark logo lets you know that you are dealing with an agent who operates to a consistently high standard and opens themselves up to assessment and scrutiny when there is no real pressure placed upon them to do so. Essentially it represents a degree of regulation in an unregulated market. 
At Strawberry we have always understood the value of being ARLA and NAEA members and have been very enthusiastic to take advantage of all the additional benefits it brings in terms of industry innovation, sharing of best practice and employee development. The fact that we are a Property Mark registered agent might not actually change the way we do business on a day to day business (because, let’s face it, our self-imposed standards have always been high) but it does offer peace of mind to our clients and that’s what we are all about. 
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