The times in which we currently live are not the most fruitful for those looking for a good return on savings and the general opinion is that property is no longer the good option it used to be. At Strawberry we accept that the profits to be made are not quite at the level they were 10 or so years ago but we disagree with the fact that bricks and mortar don’t offer a good option for those with savings or those looking for pension pot alternatives. 
As Buy to Let specialists you may expect us to champion the cause for choosing property over savings accounts but we are confident that most people when introduced to a bank account that offered in excess of 7% would at least investigate it as being a good potential for investment. And even with the most recent changes in tax and expenses for landlords that is the approximate yield being achieved. 
If this has surprised you (or maybe simply made you remember that it is always worth considering property as a nest egg) then come and have a chat with us and we will give you all of the facts about being a buy to let landlord, warts and all! Although with a Strawberry management package in place (costed within the calculation) there will be fewer ‘warts’ to consider and more in the way of peace of mind. 
Make Strawberry cottage your first port of call and help us to help you make the wisest investment. 
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