It’s been a funny old year in the property market. Lots of stories of doom and gloom – Brexit uncertainty ‘killing’ house sales, tax changes heralding a mass exodus of landlords and changes to tenant fees being ‘the last straw’ for lettings agents. 
We have reported (or have at least made mention) of all of these topics in the last 12 months but we have tried our very best to be upbeat wherever we possibly can and look for the positives wherever they may be hiding. Yes, there have been some challenges and Strawberry, like many other agents, will have to ensure that changes are anticipated, understood and handled in the correct manner as we move forward into 2018. 
At this current time it looks like all is not quite as gloomy as it was believed to be. There’s certainly still life in the sales market (and there will certainly be at least a small additional lift with the abolition of stamp duty for first time buyers), landlords are holding on in there and still consider their bricks and mortar to be sound investments and Brexit looks like it’s going to be a long process with few ‘catastrophic’ effects on buyers and sellers confidence. 
With regards to the proposed removal of tenants fees, we may well find that the market will self -regulate and there may not be a need for a massive sweeping change after all. Who knows, there may even be some benefits to both tenants AND landlords as tenancies will most probably get longer and deposits more flexible, making good properties more affordable to those with little to put down ‘up front’. 
Strawberries have always been a symbol of the warm summer months; their sweetness synonymous with good times. At Strawberry Lettings and Sales we like to think that we are equally sunny, positive and loved by many!! We might not be able to make summer come any faster but we certainly are a breath of fresh air…… 
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