We have written many times in the past about agents who over-value to gain instructions and then – usually after a painstakingly long period of time – end up having to reduce the sales price to get viewings, never mind an actual sale. 
At Strawberry we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our valuation which we can back up with confidence due to our in-depth knowledge of the local area and everything property-related that’s already happened, is currently happening and also may be about to happen in the near future! 
Knowledge is most definitely key in our industry and it’s what makes a good agent stand out, head and shoulders above the competition. 
It is our aim to make the entry of your home to the local market as impactful as possible; applying a more strategic way of thinking rather than simply focussing on the sales value (which will tend to be subjective until a buyer – or buyers- are attracted to the property anyway). 
If a new-to-market property is competitively priced it will reap the maximum benefit during the first week of listing on the property portals (Rightmove, On the Market, Zoopla etc.). During this initial ‘promotion’ the details will appear very close to the top of the search results served to prospective buyers and this is therefore the very best time to catch their attention. Whilst the ‘starting point’ may be a little lower than you initially had in mind, the final price will depend very much upon the interest generated as a number of buyers may bid against each other to secure the home of their dreams, a home which they might not even have seen had it been just a few thousand pounds more expensive when listed. When bidding ends the property will have achieved its true value – the price which buyer is willing to pay – and this may be more than even the most optimistic valuation. 
Contrastingly, if the initial price is too high (and therefore was quickly dismissed by most) the ‘new listing’ opportunity will have been squandered. Even if the price is finally reduced it will remain difficult to generate interest from the bottom end of the search results – even with the greatest agent working upon your behalf the on-line buyers will be difficult to reach after the golden first week of promotion. 
The decision to put your home on the market is a big one, deciding on the price can be difficult –engaging the services of a trusted professional agent like Strawberry as early as possible can be the most important factor in achieving a successful sale with the minimum amount of hassle or stress. We’re not in the business of flattering our vendors with high valuations, we’d much rather impress with our approach and service – and, of course, the end result of a fast sale at a great price. 
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