Selling and renting homes is our business and we love it. We also however understand that it can be a very stressful time for those in the middle of the process (especially the vendors and landlords) so we have always tried to tailor our services to reduce the angst at every available opportunity. 
High on the list of things vendors hate most about selling their home is viewings. Yes, there is an initial flurry of excitement when the call is received saying that someone wants to view the property (it is a potential sale after all) but when that high has gone, the reality of what it means starts to sink in. The house is most probably already clean and tidy (we know many vendors try to maintain ‘show-home standard’ throughout the selling period) but there’s generally a feeling of dread about the visit itself. How many people will be coming, what will they want to know and what aspects of the property will be most important to them? Add to this the need to make small-talk (when you most probably really don’t feel like it) and you’ve got a grade 10 stressful experience on your hands! 
We know that clients sometimes don’t automatically see the need for accompanied viewings, but we urge our vendors to give it serious consideration. For one, we will most probably have spoken with the prospective buyers on some detail (perhaps whilst matching them with your property in the first place) and we will therefore know which features will be of highest interest. Experts at small-talk, we can also handle the initial ‘length of time the property been on the market, reasons for selling etc.’ stream of questions in a professional, detached manner. The addition of personal detail can, on occasion, work against a sale if it is misinterpreted by the viewer or if it suggests a degree of desperation to sell! 
We understand that you will have many memories associated with your home, not to mention a sense of pride, and a clumsy or ill-thought comment from a buyer might just set you on edge. We always imagine that the buyer and seller are undertaking a bit of a ‘competition’, with each wanting to win on their own terms. As we all know, discussion between opposing sides in any sort of competition isn’t necessarily a good idea…… 
Accompanied viewings by Strawberry really represent a case of getting the ‘best of both worlds’. Not only can we remove one of the least favourite parts about selling, we can also make sure that your property is showcased to maximum effect and presented in such a way as to make it the best possible match to what we know the buyers are looking for. 
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