So here we are at the end of February and we still don’t know what the ultimate shape of Brexit will be. The issue is that even post March 29th (assuming there’s no delay on the exit date) there will be a period where new arrangements for a whole manner of things will be being made and final details will take a while to emerge. Months and months - perhaps even years- may pass before everything settles down to being ‘normal’ again. 
Now, you could be excused for thinking we are concentrating on the gloomier side of things, but the point we are trying to make is that Brexit is an unknown entity which we cannot second guess and therefore is an event which we cannot really prepare ourselves for. There are many who are delaying important decisions relating to their day to day lives; holidays, employment, major household purchases amongst them but, as you would expect, moving home is perhaps the most obvious area where people are applying a significant amount of caution. 
At Strawberry we fully understand this and, as reputable agents who care about individual clients, we always recommend a thorough degree of thought be applied to any move. The truth however is that the possible effect which Brexit will have on the housing market and house prices may not be as great as the scare-mongering stories would suggest and, in fact, the detrimental effect of pausing a much-desired house move may be much greater. 
We find that many clients want to move either because they have outgrown their current property or, conversely, no longer need (or even can no longer afford) the luxury of the large space they have; others want to move as a result of relationship breakdowns or because the local area no longer provides what they want. Whatever the reason, most have committed to the fact that they need to seek a new home and in our experience any delay in this process can be a source of significant stress and real unhappiness. 
We are by no means political or economic experts, but in our humble opinion there will always be some degree of risk associated with making a move and it is not always possible to choose the optimum time to take that property ‘leap of faith’. Where needs are genuine, there is a balance to be sought between timing and quality of life – another year or two of unhappiness in a property which no longer feels like the home you want to live in can have a much more detrimental effect than paying a slightly higher sales price. And who knows, post Brexit we may find our confidence and financial stability and the home of our dreams could come at a higher cost than it would have when things were less certain…The over-riding point is that nobody knows what’s going to happen and sometimes we just need to make decisions on what we feel right now. 
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