The Strawberry Confidence Check for Tenants 

At Strawberry we believe that the secret to a happy and stress-free buying, selling, letting or renting process is confidence. Firstly, we make sure that we do everything we possibly can to make you confident in our abilities as your agent – the right qualifications, training, experience and attitude to do our job really well. In addition to that we like to keep you well informed every step of the way; this includes letting you know what to expect from the very beginning, regularly informing you as to how things are progressing and giving you just the right level of detail to allow you to maintain your own ‘check’ on things. 
With this in mind we thought that the checklist below might be something you would find to be useful. Some of the points may seem a little obvious to begin with but experience has taught us that often it is the simplest of tasks that get overlooked when there is just so much to do. (There has been more than one occasion where we have had house owners or tenants who have woken up on moving day to realise that they still have a loft-full of possessions they forgot to pack up!) 
We are always here to assist with whatever you need to get moving so don’t think twice about calling us or popping in to see us with any questions you might have. 
We are, as always, your very helpful Strawberry team, 

Before you begin your search:- 

Decide on the best area for you 
Which property type best suits your lifestyle? 
What is the maximum monthly rental you can comfortably afford? 
Do you have a suitable deposit? 
Do you have good references and do they know they may be contacted? 
Speak to other tenants about the best agent to use – Strawberry of course!! 

Whilst you search:- 

Do your homework in advance of viewing any particular property – you may need to decide ‘on the spot’ 
Visit the area on different days and at different times 
Are the local amenities useful for you or perhaps unnecessary luxuries? 
If living alone, think about your security 
Consider any parking restrictions and or access to public transport 
When you’ve found the perfect property act fast, there may be another viewing straight after 

Before you settle in:- 

Read through your Tenancy Agreement carefully and raise any questions or concerns you have 
Make sure your deposit is being handled in the correct manner and is secure 
Check your insurance covers you for everything you need and meets the Landlords requirements 
Take time to check through the inventory and condition report on every aspect of the property 
Check the location of smoke detectors and ensure they are working 
Take your own meter readings and keep them in a safe place to check against bills later 
Make sure you know how to contact your Landlord (or their managing agent) in the event of an emergency 
Familiarise yourself with the maintenance arrangements and any preferred contractors 
Think what you might need to know if an emergency should arise such as the location of the stop-cock 
Make sure you have copies of all relevant safety certificates and operations manuals 
Double-check your own arrangements for payment of rent and Council Tax 
If you find anything amiss then be sure to report it to the landlord or agent immediately 

Even more Strawberry help for Tenants on the move 

It is our aim to offer support to our tenants at every stage of the rental process. When it is time to leave your current property - regardless of whether you’re becoming a buyer or simply moving on to another rental – we know that things can get a bit manic and there may be more things to do than time to do them in!  
We try to ensure that the checkout process goes smoothly but to keep yourself on track (and avoid any unnecessary additional costs) we’ve put together yet another handy Checkout Checklist to use as a reference.  
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