Home staging 

Do you have a property which has been on the market for a long time or a rental property which is just not attracting the tenants you’d hoped for?  
Perhaps you are a buyer who’s ready to purchase but can’t quite find a property which doesn’t involve some degree of compromise in design or decoration?  
Regardless of budget we now have an optional additional service which might just offer you the perfect solution – Home Staging.  
Our Home Staging partners provide an initial low cost 3 hour consultation at your property (or potential new home) from which you will get a full report including:-  
A room by room analysis, with identification of possible ‘negative areas’  
Rating of kerb appeal  
General decorating advice  
Styling suggestions  
De-cluttering and storage solutions Ideas on how to optimise space  
A great edge over other properties  
If you are selling then this might just be that extra advantage which your property can gain over the competition or that little push that buyers need to offer the full asking price. If you’ve been on the market for a long time it is a low cost alternative to dropping your selling price and certainly worth a try. The photographs of the final result can be used within your sales particulars to entice more people to view – it may just be the best return on investment you’ve ever made!  
See the possibilties  
As a buyer the service could allow you to see the full potential of a house which, on paper, meets your needs but for whatever reason isn’t striking you as being your ideal new home. For between £99 and £150 a consultation might provide the inspiration to transform your new home in the short term and give you time to save for those longer term expenditures, it could even just give you an idea of what budget you need to allow and whether it is truly the right property for you.  
Over to you....  
Strawberry are happy to introduce our clients to our chosen provider of this exciting new offering. In an effort to offer the best possible value for money we have partnered with a small local company who have the experience and knowledge to give you the advice you need but the independence to keep everything, including the recommendations, as competitive as possible. The consultation and presentation of report will be arranged between you and the company directly and will be completely confidential. If you choose to take the service even further to include full interior styling then this can again be discussed and agreed between you and the consultant. 
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