Presenting your property for Sale 

At Strawberry we know exactly what sells in the current property market, but equally we know exactly what will put your potential buyers off! We will apply the entire scope of our marketing skills to show your house off in the best possible way, attract the right kind of buyers and hopefully achieve the best sale in the shortest possible time, but there are still some basic tasks which you can carry out at the very beginning to help the whole sales process along......This is the time to finish off all those jobs you just never got round to doing! 
The front door 
It’s the first thing that your potential buyers will see. The impression it gives will affect everything that happens from that first step inside to the end of the tour. Ensure your front door is clean or, if necessary, newly-painted – remember that it will be an external indicator as to what the condition is likely to be inside and you don’t want to lose any viewings based on that alone. 
The garden 
More than anything you want to show that you have an attractive, useable outside space, regardless of the plot size. Ensure that the garden is tidy, clean the garden furniture, mow the lawn, remove any rubbish, and put the bin and other recycling containers out of sight wherever possible.. 
Spring clean 
The very least that a potential buyer expects is to find the house itself clean and tidy. Treat your house to a good old spring clean and try to have a sort out and declutter at the same time. The fewer bits and pieces you have lying around the bigger the rooms will look and the easier it will be for your viewer to imagine their own belongings there. If you feel that the rooms could do with even more of a ‘freshen-up’ then don’t be afraid to use air fresheners but try to keep them at a slow steady release rather than an overpowering blast! 
Freshen up 
Give your house the critical ‘once over’ yourself. Identify any rooms which are looking particularly tired or out-dated and give them a new coat of paint. Remember, as much as you love your own colour scheme it might not be to everyone’s taste so it may be worthwhile to think ‘neutral’. Once again it could just help make the overall proportions feel bigger and present what tends to be referred to as ‘a blank canvas’. 
Finishing touches 
A quick and inexpensive boost to any room – simply ensure that the curtains are straight, the blinds are dusted and the cushions or seat pads are plumped and looking their best. 
Children and pets 
Much as you love them your children and pets can be very distracting to potential buyers. As well as possibly destroying all your good work in cleaning and tidying they can also demand your attention at the critical times when you should be pointing out the best features of any particular room. Call in those favours from friends or neighbours and ship them off for an hour or two! 
Storage areas 
It might never have featured highly in your own list of favourite features but potential buyers love to see just how much storage space they are going to have. Be it your under the stairs cupboard, the garden shed or the loft, all should be empty and ready for use. 
Odour control 
Start thinking about the viewing the day before and try to avoid cooking anything that will create strong smells which might linger. It may have tasted great on the night but it’s never quite as appealing when its odour greets your potential buyer at the front door when they arrive! 
Your viewers are possibly looking at your house because it has exactly the right number of bedrooms so wherever possible make sure that every bed is made up. Try to use fresh bed-linen which is light and airy and will show the rooms off to their best potential. 
Show that your house is a lovely place to live regardless of the time of year. In summer try to open some windows to allow the fresh air to circulate and in winter perhaps adjust your heating to have the house lovely and warm when the viewer arrives. 
Clearly identify the use of each room 
Almost everybody has a place where their unwanted items seem to congregate. The problem is that it can change a perfectly good spare room into an unusable bedroom or a conservatory or dining room into an inaccessible ‘junk room’. Your viewer will have received the particulars of your property prior to viewing so they probably want to use all 3 bedrooms and may specifically want that study or dining room - try to be clear as to what each room is used for and stick to it. 
Re-grout tired tiles 
It may be that your kitchen or bathroom looks a little tired but your budget does not allow for a full re-fit. Consider less costly options such as replacement of doors or tiles if this would make a significant difference - or perhaps even just make sure that all of the existing tiles and work surfaces have new seals and are re-grouted just to make them feel fresh and clean. 
When kitchens or bathrooms are really VERY dated it may actually pay to replace them with new plain units/suite. Whilst it could cost you more than you anticipated to sell, it may help to sell the property more quickly and potentially at a better price. 
And don't forget - simply ask Strawberry to meet you at the property. We would be happy to assist you with a checklist to achieve the best price in the shortest time! 
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